Pink & Gray Richmond Wedding | Samantha & Kevin

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A Downtown Richmond Wedding | Samantha & Kevin

These two! Kevin and Sam have just the sweetest love story…and their wedding was absolutely beautiful in every way! You would never believe the crazy circumstances surrounding their day! They are the perfect example of learning to go with the flow, and making the most of difficult situations.

Hurricane Florence was threatening the East Coast, and Sam and Kevin were supposed to be married on September 15th…the very day the storm would be hitting. They had a big, beautiful outdoor wedding planned, but decided at the last minute to change their date. Their rehearsal dinner venue could accommodate all of their guests, and they would change get married on Friday instead of Saturday!

Even Friday ended up being a day full of rain, but luckily we had everything covered - literally! We took all of the portrait photos at a hotel in Richmond called the Quirk Hotel - a beautiful historic hotel in the heart of Richmond. With the loveliest pink and gray color scheme, it matched Kevin and Sam’s wedding perfectly!

The ceremony then took place at a place called Lunch and Supper - a farm to table style eatery that turned out to be a gorgeous location for their ceremony and reception!

Here’s Samantha, to tell us about hers and Kevin’s love story! :)

“Kevin was at a point in his life where most of his friends were married,” Samantha said. “And he was just kind of bored and felt like he needed something new in his life. At the suggestion of a friend, he decided to try Crossfit! He went to a class with his friend, and I happened to be in that class. He likes to say that he signed up for a membership immediately after. ;)

“As he started coming to Crossfit, we got to know each other better and became really good friends. We started talking every day, and eventually he asked me on a which I said, no! I thought we were just friends and really hadn't considered it being anything more than that. However, Kevin was not deterred. We continued to hang out as friends, and he continued to ask if he could take me out on an actual date, and I continued to say no.

“But eventually, I started to realize that I couldn't imagine my life without this ‘friend,’ and that I did feel something more. After months of saying no, his persistence finally paid off and I said yes to a ‘real date.’ But at that point, we were basically already dating, I just wouldn't admit it! :)

“That first ‘real date’ was around Kevin's birthday, and we went to Fat Dragon, one of our favorite restaurants. We went to a friend's birthday party after…and it was really our first outing as an official couple!

“I realized how much I loved Kevin’s sense of humor...he never fails to make me laugh, even when I'm in the worst mood. His thoughtfulness...he would do anything to make me happy, from little things like buying my favorite kind of ice cream to always trying to fix any issue. And his ability to communicate...if something is bothering us, we address it immediately and talk through it, and I so appreciate his ability to do that because I know not everyone is that way!

“Before long we knew we wanted to get married. It was a Saturday and we were planning to go to Charlottesville for the day as an early Valentine's Day outing. As I was getting ready, he told me he needed me to pack an overnight bag, but wouldn't tell me where we were staying!

“We drove out to Charlottesville and had lunch at Blue Mountain Brewery, and then went to Veritas Vineyard & Winery. After we did a wine tasting, we bought a bottle and took it to a picnic table outside. It was really windy out and a little chilly (it was February), and I was surprised that he wanted to sit outside instead of inside. It turns out, he was going to propose to me there! He just chose outside because he knew I wouldn't want an audience for the proposal! (So thoughtful right?!)

“I said yes immediately of course...and then we went inside! And it turns out he had booked us a night at the Boar's Head Resort, our favorite place to stay in Charlottesville, where he had wine, flowers and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us when we checked into our room. It was perfect!”

Samantha and Kevin, I am SO happy I got to be a part of your day! Thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer! You two are amazing, and I wish you all the best in your future as a couple! <3

Enjoy a few of my favorites from your special day! :)


Portrait Venue: The Quirk Hotel

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Lunch and Supper

Catering: Lunch and Supper

Dress: Watters at Bridal Elegance

Florist: Sneed's Nursery

Bakery: Kakealicious 

Hair Stylist: FBJ Weddings