The Kyle House Wedding | Brittany & Peter

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Brittany & Peter’s Elegant Rustic Wedding

I just loved getting to be part of this beautiful wedding in Fincastle, Virginia! Brittany & Peter are SUCH a sweet couple, and I was so honored to see them tie the knot with their friends and family! From the moment they exchanged love notes before the wedding, to Peter’s emotional response as Brittany came down the aisle, every moment reminded me of how lucky I am to be a wedding photographer. Capturing love, witnessing joy, and watching as two lives become one…I am truly blessed!

I always love to hear about my couples’ love stories, and I have to say…Brittany and Peter’s is one is one of the cutest I have ever heard!

“We haven’t had a traditional love story!” Brittany told me. “We met in person first, but didn’t actually find each other until we chatted online! Peter worked as a pharmacy technician in Target, and I would see him every time I went. I would subtly flirt, but I was too shy to ever give him my number!

“Then one day we found each other online, and started talking. We both had recently gotten out of serious relationships and were in no rush to jump into another, but we quickly became best friends and just grew together!

“On our first date we met for dinner at Ledos. Pizza is our favorite food! We had a great time and it went really well. It helped that we had previously met and small-talked for years at the pharmacy, so it was so much easier than the average first date! I was house sitting for my parents, so afterwards we went there and just talked for hours. We ended up having date #2 the following night, and have been inseparable ever since!

“After dating for a year, I knew a proposal was coming at some point! We were at Sea Crest beach in Florida at his family’s yearly vacation spot on July 4th! Peter knows I LOVE the beach so I had a feeling it was going to happen while we were on there, but I had no idea when! As it turns out, he had his sister take pictures of us on the beach…and totally surprised me by proposing during the shoot! It was the sweetest surprise!”

“Peter and I love to bike, hike, and take walks together. We also love to be lazy and stay in at home, cook dinner together, and curl up on the couch to relax. We hope to have a big family one day, but most of all we’re just excited to be starting our new lives together!”

Isn’t that the sweetest story?! I also asked the two of them what they loved about each other the most!

Brittany: “His big heart (even though he doesn’t like to show it off too often!), his goofiness, his work ethic, and of course his good looks!!”

Peter: “Her penetrating, beautiful blue eyes and her driving passion to take care of anyone that needs her help (Brittany is an amazing nurse!!). She is an incredibly positive person and knows how to make even my worst days better!”

Oh Brittany and Peter, I loved getting to share your big day with you two! You are just amazing! Enjoy a few of my favorites from your wedding day. I am so thankful to know you, and wish you all the best as you start your new lives together!