Olivia & Jack's Pharsalia Engagement Session

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A Pharsalia Engagement Session

Olivia & Jack

I could not be more excited to share these beautiful photos with you today!! :) Olivia and Jack are some of the sweetest people ever, and they absolutely rocked their engagement session!  From the grassy hill where they walked up hand in hand, to the sweet porch swing where they laughed and swung, it could not have been a more perfect evening.  These two are the best, and I am so lucky to have them as one of my amazing couples! :) 

"I was a waitress at a restaurant when we met," Olivia told me. "And Jack was passing through on his way to do a month-long hiking trip.  I was only there for a week before I started an internship in Washington DC, but I picked up a few shifts at the restaurant I had worked at before when Jack came in for dinner.

"I waited on him, and thought he was cute and charming. ;) I could tell he was flirting a little, but didn’t think much of it...until I saw he had left his number on the receipt he had signed!  I thought, Why not take a chance? and sent him a text message.

 "The next day I left for DC,  he started his hike, and we kept in contact on the phone almost constantly.  Which meant we truly got to know one another, because when you’re not face to face all you can do is have conversation!  We quickly fell for one another, and we both just knew...this is it. :)

"Out first 'official date' was a bit of a leap. By leap, I mean that Jack drove 22 hours from South Dakota to spend 2 days with my family at the beach in South Carolina.  He was about to drive up to Virginia to move in and start medical school, but I was going to be away for vacation on his move in date.  He couldn’t wait for me to get back so he drove down to me first!  Isn't that sweet?!

"Over time we talked about getting engaged, but I didn't know when and where it would happen...until I was back home with him in South Dakota for Christmas.  It was in the single digits (maybe even colder), snowing, and everything was frozen solid!  He decided to take me to the park in downtown Sioux Falls after dinner one evening, and we looked at the frozen falls.  They light up the falls in Christmas colors and have Christmas lights in the park during the holidays, and it's such a beautiful place!

"We were there in front of the falls, when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I was absolutely frozen solid, but overjoyed! I said a big YES!!! :)

"Jack keeps me grounded, but also keeps my fire burning. He knows how to help me be realistic, keeps me on track, but also encourages me to be myself and let my light shine. He is selfless, ambitious, makes me laugh, and will do anything to make me smile.  With him I feel like the truest form of myself, and at the end of the day, no matter how independent I am, he is my fiercest protector. I know I can always find my shelter with him." <3

Olivia and Jack, I am SO happy for you two!  You have the cutest story! :) It's clear that you're perfect together, and I'm so happy we got to meet.  If your big day next summer is anywhere as amazing as your engagement session, it's going to be so incredible!  I already can't wait for your wedding, and big hugs to both of you! :)