Erin & Drew's Engagement Session | Pharsalia Estate

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A Pharsalia Engagement Session | Erin & Drew

Oh friends! I was so lucky to have not just one, but TWO beautiful engagement sessions at Pharsalia Estate this week! It's one of my favorite engagement venues, and going there with Erin and Drew was just so much fun!  They are one of the cutest couples you've ever seen, and it's obvious that they are so, so in LOVE. :)  We had such a great time at their session together!

"Andrew and I met in college," Erin told me. "and we were just friends for about two years.  One night in particular, I remember we were driving to VA Tech to hang out with some friends, when I realized I didn't look at him as just a friend.  He was actually pretty cute! ;) 

"A couple of months later, he bought us tickets to a Luke Bryan concert and asked me to be his girlfriend! Our first "official date" was to the Mellow Mushroom for pizza. It was one of those awkward "I'm so nervous", "what am I going to wear?" kind of dates which gave me the butterflies I still have today. :) It went pretty well since I will be taking his last name in three months! Woohoo!

"We dated for a year and nine months and it was amazing!  After that, "Forever" became our new label. It has been and will be the best time of my life!

"When Drew proposed, I was living in Roanoke, VA and he was living in Columbia, MD. In March we had met up at his parents house (in Northern VA) to spend time with one another, while the week before he had just moved into our first apartment. Anyways, during that weekend we were about to go out to dinner when he gave me a gift. Inside was the key he had made me for our apartment in Columbia, MD (which I moved into in May)...and attached to the keychain was the RING! And then he got down on one knee. :) I said YES!!!

"One thing I love about Andrew is that he always finds the good in everything.  When I feel sad, stressed, etc, I can always count on him to be the relaxed one and see any situation as the "glass half full."  He sees me as passionate and genuine, and says I can always put a smile on anybody's face. :)

"In the future we would love to build a family, further our careers, and move back to Virginia.  But to us, home will always be found in each other.  No matter what." <3

Erin and Drew, I just love your story!  It's obvious you two are perfect for each other! <3  I couldn't be happier for the two of you, or happier that I get to photograph your wedding that's just around the corner!  You two are amazing, and I wish you loads of happiness!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from this beautiful session! :)

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