A Worley Chapel Wedding | Katie & Marcus

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A Lynchburg, Virginia Wedding | Katie & Marcus

Katie & Marcus were married in a beautiful ceremony at the Worley Chapel…a little white building that was filled to the brim with family, friends, and so much love for these two! From their incredible indoor portraits, to the stunning bouquets of greenery, to the precious moments during the ceremony - it was such a JOY to shoot their wedding day! I’m so excited to be sharing their story and their photos on the blog! :)

“We have a love story that is unique to us,” Katie told me. “Marcus, was waiting (maybe kinda getting just a little restless) for God to bring the right girl into his life... I came from a broken, painful previous marriage... three sweet little boys, in need of the love and protection of a father. One broken, tired mom, trying her best to hold the pieces of their shattered little life together...

“Marcus had been a friend of the family for years. He and I shared little interaction beyond the occasional family gathering, or holiday celebration...we knew each other just as friends. It wasn’t until my world fell apart that I began to see him for the amazing man and friend that he is.

“They say ‘Find a heart that will love you at your worst and arms that will hold you at your weakest, for it takes a strong man to love a broken woman.’ ...That is exactly who he is and what he did. He chose to love me regardless of my hurting, broken past... to pick me up, challenge me, comfort me, grow with me... until we discovered we were so much more than just friends to each other. I knew I couldn’t picture, nor did I want to “do life” without him by my side.

“Our relationship quickly but steadily grew from a special friendship to a loving relationship of connection and commitment that neither of us wanted to let slip by. Our first date, much like our relationship — was truly unconventional, but it was completely, perfectly “us”. He was a police officer for nearly 10 years, and took me on the ride along of my life — my first and only one, but it was incredible and completely unforgettable! It was the first time I got to see him truly “in his element” professionally. It was fun, exciting and thrilling — I was so unfamiliar with this side of life that was so drastically different from mine. Yet so impressed with how he handled himself in each and every situation with a calm, collected, confidence. He had this way of communicating with people, they just trusted him. He was able to calm people and diffuse stressful situations in a way I’d never seen anyone do before.. I think that’s when I knew he was everything I didn’t know I wanted, and so much more!

“When Marcus proposed, he brought me to our favorite local coffee shop. He’d secretly arranged for my mom, along with some of my family (to include my three boys) to meet us there - hidden out of sight. As we placed our order, I could sense something was “off” with Marcus, and for a split second thought, “maybe he’s going to propose..” to which, I quickly thought, “nah! not tonight..” Finally, after placing our order, I heard some voices calling out to me from above, and when I turned to look up at whoever was calling me... I noticed three signs held up by my three favorite little fellas saying “WILL YOU, MARRY, MARCUS?” and I saw three smiling little faces looking down at me and cheering. As I turned back to him, he immediately knelt down on one knee, and with the sweetest, most endearing words (and the prettiest little ring with the biggest, sparkliest diamond I ever did see), he asked me to marry him. Of course, I said YES!!! :)

“Marcus is truly a blessing to me — my second chance, my new beginning...I am beyond grateful that God crossed our paths and that He saved Marcus just for us! He has a heart of gold, one that loves and cares for us in a rare and unique way — and he is a gift that I will forever cherish with all of my heart.”


Ceremony Venue: Worley Prayer Chapel | Reception Venue: Tresca on 8th | Bride’s Dress: Celebration Bridal | Florals: Fabulous Florals | Groom’s Tux: JC Penny | Bridesmaid Dresses : Vera Wang | Catering: RA Bistro | Cake: Geri’s Confections | DJ: Barry Tosh