A Clover Forest Plantation Wedding | Casey & Brad

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Casey & Brad | Clover Forest Plantation

I am just in love with this sweet couple’s wedding at The Clover Forest Plantation! What a beautiful day at a breathtaking location! From the sweetest First Look with Casey and her bridesmaids, to Casey & Brad’s photos with their pups, to their exciting reception at the end of the night - it was such an incredible day and I was so happy to celebrate with these two!

Enjoy their beautiful love story! :)

“Brad and I went to middle school together!” Casey told me. “He was friends with my best friend, and one day he was riding his bike down my street when we were outside. He stopped and hung out for a while and we hit it off from there!

“Once high school arrived we hung out more often, and we would sit together at lunch. He became one of my best friends, and in my junior year we finally started dating! We continued to date during high school, long distance through college, and then we moved in together!

“One night he asked my parents if we could have dinner at their house - the same house I grew up in. It was rainy and so I wasn’t expecting anything - I wasn’t dressed in anything special at all! But when we were there, he made it look like someone left the garage door out and our dog Aspen had gotten out. In reality his brother and friends had picked her up and were waiting for us!

“Brad and I were walking around looking for her, when he walked me up to the culdasac - the same culdesac where we would walk to meet in high-school. It was halfway between our houses, and it was also the place where we had our first kiss!

“When I got there I saw Aspen standing under a tree, and immediately I ran to her and grabbed her. But when I turned around I saw something I wasn’t expecting - Brad was down on one knee! I don’t remember what he said because I was so excited! But I said a very enthusiastic YES! :)

“Right then a bunch of his friends jumped out from the bushes with champagne. We had a wonderful time celebrating together!”

Don’t you LOVE their story?! :) I also asked Casey and Brad to tell me the things they love about each other.

Casey said, “One of the things I love about Brad is that he always tries to make me laugh no matter what mood I’m in. He’s pretty much always up for anything - even if he’s tired from working all day. And I love that if I’m tired from work he is always willing to pick up dinner for us! He also does a wonderful job putting up with my love of decorating (especially for the holidays)!!”

Brad said, “I love her work ethic! On top of everything she does for her job and herself, she still takes care of me, the dogs and her ferrets. Her love for her job and our home is amazing to me…I’m super proud of her. Probably my favorite thing though is when she gets ready, she tries on 5 outfits, does her makeup and takes 20 mins to try on shoes - and then asks me what I think looks good. It’s just awesome that after 10 years she still asks what I think!”

Casey and Brad, I am so happy for you two! It was such an honor to share in your big day! I can’t wait to see where life takes you - because when you’re doing life with your best friend, it doesn’t get any better than that. :)

Enjoy these highlights from your beautiful wedding!


Venue: Clover Forest Plantation

Wedding Planner: Debbie Berry (Stewart Berry Designs)

Photographer: Nicki Ahrens Photography

Florals: Stewart Berry Designs

Hair Stylist: Audra Stahl (Ahead of Hair)

Dress: Pronovias from Urban Set Bride

Cake: Debbie Boitnott

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